Mental Power
7.-9. 6. 2018, Divadlo Palace, Prague
for participants

Description and goals

Short description

MENTAL POWER PRAGUE FILM FESTIVAL is an international film festival (not) actors with intellectual and multiple disabilities. The festival presents feature films that play exclusively people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. The main idea of the festival is to create the conditions for artistic self-realization for people with disabilities and thus to contribute to their mental development, and especially to allow them to live a full life

The festival aims to:

1) create the conditions and environment, which is typical for film festivals professional actors
2) enable disabled people to experience special moments between people without disabilities
3) show healthy people that these people are in their artistic creation and experience fully balanced
4) to convince the general public about this and their ability to convince people with disabilities that are artistically equivalent at a fixed location



Invitation to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2009, where after two days spectators could watch the show - The Best Of Mental Power - three best films in the history of the festival .
Mental Power Prague Film Festival was awarded Bridges 2009 for the best social project in the Czech Republic.
Holding seminars for students at FAMU and establish cooperation . FAMU students prepare films on Mental Power , causing the professionalization of movies and integration between artists with and without disabilities .
Presentation of the festival at Czech Lion in 2010 and obtaining financial resources to support films for Mental Power Festival 2011.
In October 2010 and 2011, representatives of Mental Power Prague Film Festival invited to the International Film Festival in Pisek , where they were given the best films of the festival Mental Power .
Echoes of Mental Power - screening of the best films , which are held separately by various organizations around the country and so the festival acquaint the general public (Ostrava , Plzeň , Mladá Boleslav , Brno , Prague , Olomouc) .
For the success of 2010 and 2011 is considered a media partnership with Czech Television.
In 2012 and 2013 we acquired a media partnership with TV Prima .
In collaboration Mental Power and Endowment Fund through the puddles created a unique book of photographs of people with disabilities and prominent Czech personalities ( Bolek Polivka , Pavel Liska , Petr Nárožný , Kveta Violet .... etc. )
Invitation to film festival in Istanbul , where there was a projection of 3 best films of history Mental Power Prague Film Festival .
Invitation to the Filipino Film Festival , where there was a projection of 3 best films Mental Power Prague Film Festival , 2010.
Spreading the idea of the festival after the Czech Republic and abroad . Currently, the festival has a firm place in both cultural and social . This is reflected in an increasing number of films submitted that arise specifically for this festival and support of the general public and personalities from the field of culture .

The best films

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jury members of the MPPFF 2017:


Vojta Kotek

Vojta Kotek
Radomír Švec

Radomír Švec


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